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Hazel Stone

Rob and Harriet Fraser


22nd June – 10th October 2017

Two years with seven remarkably ordinary trees

Over two years Rob and Harriet Fraser have walked repeatedly to seven lone trees in Cumbria and spent time with them in all seasons, all weathers, night and day. This exhibition of photographs, poetry, video and installations reveals a deepening relationship with the trees and the land they overlook, and is an invitation to pause and share the wonders of the arboreal world.

The seven trees featured in the exhibition are like beacons. Through them, the exhibition explores the way trees are valued across the country, what trees do for us, and the special relationship that people have with trees.

More than 30 photographic images comprise hand-printed black-and-white images made with a large format and panoramic film cameras as well as full-colour digital prints. There are over 20 written pieces of poetry, word art and prose; limited edition silkscreen prints; a laser-cut wooden installation; and living trees.

The exhibition draws visitors into ‘tree time’ and provokes thought and discussion about the way we value our landscapes and relate to the natural world. It invites reflection on the value of slowing down and pausing, outside, and what is being lost – or should be carefully guarded – as our culture and way of life become increasingly determined by technology. And, in the spirit of The Long View, the exhibition will present opportunities for visitors to become involved by sharing their own views.